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Cepillos Industriales Regios - Cepillos para todo tipo de industrias

Regios Industrial Brushes

At Cepillos Industriales Regios we specialize in the design and manufacture of a wide variety of industrial brushes of high quality and durability.

We pride ourselves on having 30 years of experience.

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If you are looking for a provider:

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Stop searching and wasting time, you have come to the right place. More than 1,800 satisfied customers can’t be wrong!

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Types of Industrial Brushes.

Brick type brushes

Curtain Type Brushes

Cylindrical Brushes (Rollers)

Wheel Brushes (Disc Type)

Strip Type Industrial Brushes

Twisted wire brushes

Brushes by Industry

Food industry

Industrial Brushes for Food, for cleaning vegetables (carrots, potatoes), fruits (pineapples, watermelons, apples, oranges and other citrus fruits) and mill brushes (rice, flour). We have food grade curtain, roller and disc brushes.

Brushes for Glass

Machine Brushes Benteler, Guardian, Low-E, Ashton/Sal, Torit, Besten, Billco, Bystronic, GED, Han-Dong, Lenhardt, Lisec, Miller, Prestik/Clone, Quantra, Somaca, Sommer & Maca, Triulzi

Automotive Industry

Brushes for deburring (with nylon bristles for abrasive use), dust removal, engine cleaning, radiator cleaning, rim cleaning and polishing, stainless steel and more.

Beverage Packaging Industry

Brushes for labeling bottles, cleaning conveyor belts (conveyors), rollers for cleaning boxes, roller brush for labeling machine, among others.

Publishing Industry

We have printing brushes, offset machines, rotary machines, screen printing equipment, paper guides, guillotine carriages, paste gluing, die band cleaning, paper cushioning, among others.

Steel Industry

Brushes for removing rust from steel, cleaning sheets, cleaning steel tubes, removing burrs and polishing metals and machining, steel rust, strip-type brush for scoring, among others.

Sweeping Industry

We have a wide variety of brushes for sweepers. Our brushes are compatible with the best brands of sweepers and for the central and lateral positions. We also have brushes for floor polishing, scrubbing, motor washing, cylindrical, flat and more.

Textile Industry

Brushes for Textiles, abrasives to age fabrics, removal of lint, corduroy or velvety fabrics.

Special Industrial Brushes

Brushes for Industrial sweepers

Brushes for industrial or street sweepers compatible with the best such as Bobcat, Dulevo, Karcher, Tennat and many others.

Brushes for ceramics

We have roller-type and disc-type brushes for ceramic polishing.

Brushes for Fabrics and Clothes

Brushes for washing and cleaning fabrics. We have abrasive brushes with nylon bristles.

Brushes for Jugs

Industrial jug brushes with bristles made of food grade nylon.

Brushes for Wood

We have a wood polishing brush, and a roller brush for wood polishing with natural lechugilla or ixtle bristles.

Brushes with Nylon Bristles

Wide variety of nylon bristle brushes for all types of industries. We have nylon brushes, abrasive nylon, food grade nylon bristles and more.

Shoe Brushes

We have shoe washing brushes made of nylon bristles.

Solar Panel Cleaning Brushes

We have brushes for cleaning photovoltaic systems such as solar panels. We have roller type and disc type solar panel polisher brushes made with high quality materials.

Custom Industrial Brushes

Do you need a brush with certain measurements or materials? Don’t worry! Our brush factory is ready to meet your needs.

In Regal Industrial Brushes you will find the right brush for every need.

You just have to visit our special section, fill out a simple form and you will receive a quote as soon as possible.

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We send throughout the country.

Are you looking for industrial brushes in Guadalajara, Monterrey or CDMX? No matter where you are, at Cepillos Industriales Regios we send your brushes to the interior of all of Mexico.

We are aware of the needs of your company or business and that is why we have a fast and efficient processing and distribution system through which you will receive your order in the shortest possible time.